Simon Beirne - CEO and Founder

The Founder and namesake of SBL, Simon Beirne, initiated his vision for a “broker model” vehicle-importing business in February 2003. This vision was underpinned by longevity of client relationships and transparency along with Simon’s belief that such values would ensure ongoing success for his nationwide client base.

Born into the motor vehicle industry Simon has close to 30 years experience as a full-time buyer, handpicking well over 40,000 vehicles and travelling to Japan on more than 250 occasions. A large portion of Simon’s experience was with the pioneering Integrity Cars Group, which at its peek was the largest importer of Japanese vehicles into New Zealand. Simon spent his last 7 years there as a Director. Simon is well known for his scrupulous honesty and dedication to his clients and has worked tirelessly to earn his reputation as one of the best car import buyers in New Zealand.

Simon’s in-depth knowledge of Japanese culture along with his history of personal business interaction results in unwavering delivery of the right vehicles at the right price.

Simon also has strong family values and together with his wife Hayley, relishes raising daughter Isabella, born January 2005, and son Lachlan “Lachie” who arrived in April 2007. 

Born and bred in the nation’s rugby capital of Canterbury, Simon has a passion for all sports and takes advantage when he can of the natural amenities close by. Anything to do with the mountains, ocean, motor racing, tennis, rugby and rugby league always spark a keen interest and a healthy debate.

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