Dave Lay

Z Cars, Rangiora

We recently engaged in a new relationship with James and Simon at SBL in order to improve the ready to sell quality of the vehicles on our yard.

Our business focuses on second hand imported vehicles and one of the most important strategies for us is to deliver cars to our customers that are of the best quality we can provide.

In just a short time, SBL have already made this goal much easier for us to achieve with a vastly improved quality in the vehicles they have secured for us.

And the whole process of selecting vehicles and bidding for purchase has been simple, and unexpectedly enjoyable.

James, our primary contact at SBL, goes above and beyond what we have experienced with other supplier relationships. He is extremely professional, reliable and, through his excellent customer service, has quickly gained our trust and respect.
As a smaller dealership we rely heavily on robust, mutually beneficial relationships with our suppliers and SBL have quickly become an important cornerstone of our business.

There is no doubt in our minds that engaging SBL will enable us to take our business forward as we intend to with improved quality, reputation and profit.