Tim Marshall

Managing Director of Vision Auto Sales Ltd

When, a number of years ago, I was contacted by Glenn Banks of Simon Beirne Ltd, I was sceptical that their service would constitute any improvement over our existing suppliers. I now hold, with the benefit of retrospect, a knowledge that my prognostication was incorrect.

Glenn Banks and Simon Beirne Ltd have provided a service ‘par excellence’. Glenn’s consistency of effort, attention to detail, fortitude and fairness, all prized, yet often elusive traits, have given Vision Auto Sales significant assistance manifest in our results.

The Internet has caused a ‘paradigm’ change to the motor vehicle industry offering a wonderful and replete opportunity with its capacity to present and reach customers, however, it is equally linear in exposing any shortfall or deficiency. My point is that having a vehicle supplier that has a broadened awareness of New Zealand’s realities, i.e. price and demand, trends etc. is now an imperative, and cannot be achieved to the same level by someone in Japan.

In my 30 years in the motor vehicle industry, I can say without equivocation, that I have never met anyone more consummate than Glenn, in fulfilling expectations, equanimity when under pressure and sheer effort.

I thoroughly recommend Glenn and Simon Beirne Ltd as the paragon for excellence for motor vehicle sourcing.