SBL Finance

Finance Process

Providing flexibility and opportunities, while encouraging growth through customer relationships, is what we at SBL pride ourselves on. SBL Finance is a unique product that can allow approved customers to fund a vehicle from point of purchase overseas to the time it is sold by the dealer in New Zealand.

SBL Finance provides our customers with the flexibility to maximise stock levels and expand business opportunities without impacting cash flow. SBL Finance will fund the full car cost (FOB), shipping cost as well as customs GST and clearance costs on vehicles purchased through SBL.

SBL is 100% transparent on fees and we provide full disclosure on auction prices throughout the entire process.

Application for Finance

Our simple online SBL Finance application form can be completed in just minutes and processing can take as little as three working days. There are ZERO application and establishment fees with SBL Finance.

Review Meeting and Business Plans

Applications are reviewed and contact is made with the applicant to exchange information. New businesses can still apply and SBL Finance will work with you to understand your plans and financial requirements.

Financial Information

The amount of Financial Information required will be determined by how much finance is required. SBL Finance may request the most recent set of Financial Statements along with Statements of Financial Position. We will work with new businesses.

Credit Check

SBL Finance conduct credit checks on all applicants. For customers new in business and with no credit history, the provision of alternative information may be required, this will be determined during the business planning stage.

Offer of Credit terms

Once a lending decision is made by SBL Finance, formal credit terms will be discussed and agreed with the applicant. Lending documentation will be made available for signing by both SBL Finance and the customer.

Finance Granted

Weekly statements will be sent, providing information on your purchases, arrivals and your account balances. Our administration team will assist you with the transactional documentation relating to vehicles that transition through your SBL Finance facility.

Please speak to one of our team about your particular needs and find out how you can become an approved SBL customer.

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