VIA – A Necessity

Dear Customers,

In keeping with SBL’s commitment to working alongside you to support your ongoing success, I thought it timely to introduce you to an essential business within our industry. I am sure many of you will be aware of the Imported Motor Vehicle Industry Association (VIA).  In a nutshell, the VIA is the industry association that represents the interests of all businesses involved in importing, preparing, wholesaling and retailing most used vehicles that are imported into New Zealand from Japan, Singapore and other markets.

The VIA is the body that first enabled our industry.  They worked tirelessly with Government all those years ago to allow the importation of motor vehicles, and they continue to work tirelessly to advocate for the industry now and for the future, along with providing advice to all involved.

As we continue to meet the challenges resulting from Covid-19, it is timely to highlight the excellent work the VIA has undertaken to assist and reassure us.  Chief Executive David Vinsen has shared the following points with me.

Specific to COVID-19 the VIA has:

  • Co-ordinated industry meetings to enable the smooth transition of biosecurity verification inspections of vehicles from Japan to NZ ports
  • Identified the need for, set up and led a ‘pan-industry taskforce’ (inclusive of Government departments and agencies) to work on industry specific issues during the crisis
  • Negotiated with the Government to ensure vehicles be treated as ‘essential goods’ to enable both discharge from ships and port clearance
  • Negotiated the ability for compliance shops and dealers to open to receive stock, minimising storage and double-handling costs
  • Identified the need for dealers to have systems and protocols in place to ensure businesses could operate under Alert Levels 4, 3 and 2
  • Developed industry specific protocols for working under the various Alert Levels that complement the generic WorkSafe New Zealand guidelines
  • Negotiated the ability for vehicles to be registered during Alert Level 3
  • Continued to provide ongoing support and advice to members

Needless to say the VIA are an essential body for our industry and absolutely worth their weight in gold.

We need the VIA and they need your financial support now, because without it they might not be here to drive our industry over the next major hurdle!

On behalf of David and his team and based on my own personal relationship with them, I strongly encourage you to become a member of the VIA so that you can benefit from the huge array of exceptional work and industry education they deliver.

Signing up is easy, as is learning more about this great organisation.  Simply click this link or copy and paste into your browser

When looking to source your next vehicle, think SBL and we will deliver!